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Google Workspace services became available for everyone

Google Workspace services became available for everyone

Basic functions are available for users of free accounts

Google has announced good news — from now on, Google Workspace services and applications are available for all users of Google accounts, and for free.

Thus, you no longer need a corporate account to use Workspace cloud services. As noted by Google itself, Workspace applications are used by more than three billion users. True, in fairness, we must admit that most of them are in Gmail.

Many users will soon have access to updated Gmail, «Documents» and chat, all of them can be integrated into one tab. For example, chats move to the left to open a shared spreadsheet for co-authoring. The first step in this direction is a new setting to enable Google Chat for all users in the Gmail interface.

For users of free accounts, at first glance, the changes are small, since access to «Disk» and «Documents» was already provided. However, Workspaces bring additional features like smart prompts in emails and documents, the ability to easily mention another user (@user) to connect to a task or show a document, spreadsheet, or presentation right during a Google Meet call.

Most of these basic features are now free for Workspace users, but the company also introduced a paid version today called Google Workspace Individual for $ 10 a month. It is aimed at small business owners, does not require a domain name, and offers «premium features including smart booking services, professional video conferencing, personalized email marketing and more.»

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