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Impeachment explained      
10.12.2019 22:00
13 things to know      
13.12.2019 08:34
Those we've lost in 2019      
12.11.2019 11:46
We want your thoughts      
05.12.2019 14:53
When plastic surgery goes wrong, patients are left to pay for uninsured doctors' mistakes
One in five Florida plastic surgeons are uninsured, USA TODAY found. Patients suffer after botched tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts and more.       
13.12.2019 11:35
An abrupt ending that inspired GOP fury and other takeaways from Thursday's marathon impeachment debate
Ending grueling day of proceedings, Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler called a recess until 10 a.m. Friday.       
13.12.2019 11:11
Analysis: Britain's 'strange' vote, won by Boris Johnson, heralds American-style 'shift'
Boris Johnson comfortably won a vote linked to Brexit and Britain's place in the world. That place now looks more 'mid-Atlantic' than European.       
13.12.2019 11:58
5 things Republicans tried to change in the impeachment articles against Trump
Included in the amendments proposed by Republican members of the Judiciary Committee were efforts to remove both articles of impeachment altogether.       
13.12.2019 11:07
House Judiciary Committee will reconvene to vote on articles of impeachment, the Geminids meteor shower lights the sky and more things to start your Friday morning.      
13.12.2019 12:07
House Judiciary Committee to vote on impeachment articles: latest updates
The Committee will hold two votes – one on President Trump's alleged abuse of power and the other on the obstruction of Congress.       
13.12.2019 11:15
Jersey City shooter was Army veteran with a lengthy criminal history
David Anderson, was arrested at least five times since 2003, the year he was discharged from the Army, records show.       
12.12.2019 23:37
Kentucky governor pardons convicted killer whose brother hosted campaign fundraiser for him
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin pardoned hundreds of people, including some convicted of homicide, on his final days in office.       
13.12.2019 11:58
At least eight states have reported lung illnesses linked to legal-market THC cartridges. Government officials don't name the marijuana dispensaries.      
13.12.2019 11:33
Former NBA commissioner David Stern hospitalized after sudden brain hemorrhage
The league announced in a statement that former commissioner David Stern underwent emergency surgery after suffering a sudden brain hemorrhage.       
13.12.2019 04:39
The Backstory: Stories of sexual abuse would remain hidden without journalists
Olympic sports have a troubling pattern when it comes to young athletes alleging abuse and adults denying it. Our journalists surface these stories.       
13.12.2019 12:11
Taylor Swift slams 'toxic male privilege,' Scooter Braun in Billboard Woman of the Decade speech
Taylor Swift got an early birthday gift at Billboard's annual Women In Music Event: the first-ever Woman of the Decade Award.       
13.12.2019 05:27
Opinion: With AFC North title in hand, should the Ravens be cautious with Lamar Jackson?
The Baltimore Ravens are racing toward the AFC's top playoff seed, which means the time might be right to consider resting MVP favorite Lamar Jackson.       
13.12.2019 11:09
Police arrest two 11-year-olds for calling in false active shootings at Ohio schools
Two 11-year old students in the Newark City School District were arrested for making threatening phone calls to three schools on Thursday.       
13.12.2019 11:06
20 weird but practical gifts people will actually use
From Shark Tank products to odd K-beauty skincare, these 20 wacky but useful items make great gifts this holiday season.       
12.12.2019 21:22
Lamar Jackson, Ravens clinch second consecutive AFC North title with win over Jets
The Baltimore Ravens stretched their franchise-best winning streak to 10 and clinched the AFC North title with a win over the New York Jets.       
13.12.2019 04:23
'Be Best': Melania Trump's anti-bullying slogan trends after the president mocked Greta Thunberg
Trump took to twitter and claimed it was "so ridiculous" Thunberg was named. Twitter users were quick to point out the hypocrisy.       
13.12.2019 06:30
After GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz brought up Hunter Biden's substance abuse during Thursday's impeachment hearing, things got personal.      
13.12.2019 11:14
Microsoft unveiled the Xbox Series X, the next version of its popular Xbox console, will launch during the 2020 holiday season.      
13.12.2019 03:02
'Abhorrent': Los Angeles police officer arrested, charged with fondling dead woman's breasts
Authorities charged Los Angeles police officer David Rojas, 27, with a felony for allegedly fondling a dead woman's breasts while on the job.       
13.12.2019 04:54
Jersey City shooting: Who are the Black Hebrew Israelites?
The suspects in the Jersey City shooting held anti-Semitic views and had expressed interest in the Black Hebrew Israelite movement.       
12.12.2019 21:36
A drugged driver killed my parents. Roadside tests can save more families from that pain.
It took decades for police to effectively crack down on drunken driving. Let's not make that mistake with driving under the influence of drugs.       
13.12.2019 12:00
American Airlines apologizes after forcing passenger to change 'Hail Satan' shirt
American Airlines is apologizing after a passenger says she was forced to remove her "Hail Satan" shirt or leave the flight.       
12.12.2019 23:09
Anonymous donor drops $1,500 gold coin in Salvation Army kettle
Among the crumpled bills and pocket change, a Salvation Army bell ringer in Indiana recently found a shiny gold coin in his red kettle.       
13.12.2019 00:24
The Emperor strikes back! Why an 'absolutely dead' 'Star Wars' villain returns in 'Rise of Skywalker'
More than 30 years after being thrown into a Death Star reactor, ultimate 'Star Wars' villain Emperor Palpatine returns in new 'Rise of Skywalker.'       
12.12.2019 21:19
Sarah Ferguson, ex-wife of Prince Andrew, defends Duchess Meghan as "fabulous," compares Meghan's media woes to her own. "I've been in her shoes."      
12.12.2019 19:43

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