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Behind-the-scenes discord rattles G7 summit despite Donald Trump's claim that all is well
President Trump denied reports of tension among world leaders at the G-7 summit, but behind-the-scenes discord is rattling the gathering in France.       
25.08.2019 16:10
Iranian official Javad Zarif arrives unexpectedly at G7 amid tensions. Trump's response? 'No comment'
Iranian official Mohammad Zarif arrived unexpectedly at the G7 meeting in France, a dramatic move that seemed likely to highlight U.S. isolation.       
25.08.2019 18:47
Andrew Luck retires: What we know about the Colts QB's decision to walk away
Andrew Luck stunned the NFL world when he announced that he was stepping away from pro football due to a series of injuries and grueling rehabs.       
25.08.2019 17:16
How an accidental encounter brought slavery to the United States
Slavery's arrival in the United States happened by accident, but its arrival created a thriving tobacco industry and fueled the Industrial Revolution.       
25.08.2019 13:08
NASA astronaut accused of accessing her estranged spouse's bank account; first alleged crime in space
Anne McClain allegedly accessed her estranged wife's bank account while on the International Space Station. She denies doing 'anything improper.'       
25.08.2019 18:24
Taylor Swift braces for worst-case scenarios: 'I've had a lot of stalkers'
"Lover" singer Taylor Swift opened up about safety concerns and why she carries emergency army-grade bandages on CBS Sunday Morning.       
25.08.2019 16:15
Former Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh announces he will challenge Trump in Republican primary
Former GOP Rep. Joe Walsh of Illinois officially announced his primary challenge to Donald Trump on Sunday. He said Trump is "unfit" to be president.       
25.08.2019 16:53
Stakes raised in US, Iran tensions: Drone war takes flight
The aircraft is seen as appealing to some nations because they don't risk the lives of pilots and can be small enough to evade defense systems.       
25.08.2019 17:41
President Trump expresses regret over trade war with China, then claims he was 'misinterpreted'
President Donald Trump signaled Sunday he may be having regrets over his trade war with China, but the White House said he had been misunderstood.       
25.08.2019 13:06
Want to visit all 61 national parks in America? Here are 7 tips to help
This couple visited all 61 national parks this year — primarily via van — finishing their journey earlier this month.       
25.08.2019 12:00
Duchess Kate, Prince William step out to church with Queen Elizabeth in Scotland
Prince William and Duchess Kate, along with Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla, accompanied Queen Elizabeth to church in Scotland on Sunday.       
25.08.2019 18:10
Endless fear: Undocumented immigrants grapple with anxiety, depression under Trump
Ongoing threats are exacerbating the daily fear and anxiety millions of undocumented immigrants experience daily across the United States.       
25.08.2019 18:04
Red Summer 1919: Tree memorializing black Americans killed in Elaine, Arkansas, cut down
A tree memorializing the African American lives lost in a 1919 massacre in Elaine, Arkansas, was chopped down this week in a possible hate crime.       
25.08.2019 17:35
'Critically endangered': Countries come together in efforts to protect sharks and rays
The U.S. voted against the initiative addressing the trade of mako sharks, but was in favor of proposals helping wedgefishes and guitarfishes.       
25.08.2019 16:56
Tropical Storm Dorian could strengthen to hurricane as it reaches Caribbean
Forecasters say Tropical Storm Dorian, the fourth tropical storm of the season, has maximum sustained winds of 40 mph.       
25.08.2019 16:52
'Star Wars' fans lose it over 'Rise of Skywalker' D23 footage and Rey's double lightsaber
Disney showed off footage from 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' to the crowd at D23, showing Kylo and Rey in a lightsaber battle. Fans freaked out.       
25.08.2019 17:21
The 10 best tools to help you meal prep successfully
Meal prep means less stress... when it's done right.       
22.08.2019 21:01
Slavery's explosive growth, visualized: How '20 and odd' became millions
A twist of fate brought the first recorded enslaved Africans to Virginia in 1619. We trace the origins of this shameful era of American history.       
22.08.2019 01:47
US citizen wrongly held in jail for his skin color and Latino name, lawsuit says
Ramon Torres, a Honduran-born U.S. citizen, was illegally held in jail, according to a lawsuit filed by the ACLU of Louisiana on Wednesday.       
25.08.2019 18:35
Lizzo is 'NOT OK' after Barack Obama tweets about her following her rant on ageism in politics
Lizzo is "NOT OK" after Barack Obama tweeted about the singer following her Twitter thread on voting for him and ageism in politics.       
24.08.2019 19:59
NFL 2019: As QB running numbers rise, bring on Kyler Murray
NFL 2019: As QB running numbers rise in NFL following Lamar Jackson's record-setting season with Baltimore, Kyler Murray's addition in Arizona begs question of mobile quarterbacks being irreversible trend in pro game       
25.08.2019 18:49
Nothing is worse than running out of propane while you are grilling. There's a quick trick to help you figure out how much is left in your tank!       
02.07.2019 21:40
Two-year-old Hayden Fabregas decided to practice her yoga moves while waiting for a flight with her father, Chris, at the Atlanta airport.       
25.08.2019 15:19
4-year-old Ava came out of the pool when she thought she lost her goggles, but she doesn't realize they are already around her head.       
23.08.2019 19:10
A traveler captured the blue-green color of Barracuda Lake, revealing the ominous-looking vast space of empty water.       
16.08.2019 12:22
Enslaved Africans landed in Virginia in 1619. USA TODAY is committed to telling the story, past and present
The goal of this project is to commemorate the landing of the enslaved Africans 400 years ago. We also want to hear your family stories.       
22.08.2019 19:39
Opinion: Andrew Luck shows strength in walking away. But some Colts fans just don't get it
Andrew Luck deserved better than boos he heard from Colts fans after his retirement news. His decision to walk away from the NFL took great strength.       
25.08.2019 13:23
Joe Biden is my Harvard, not my 'safety school.' He really is my favorite 2020 Democrat.
Pundits say there's no enthusiasm for Joe Biden. Why is it so hard to believe that many people, including me, like him best of all the 2020 Democrats?       
25.08.2019 18:39
'I thought she was going to die': Parents separated from children after Mississippi ICE raids
More than two weeks after massive ICE raids in Mississippi, multiple parents of young children remain in detention.       
24.08.2019 14:43
Aaron Burr's lawyer owned my family. It has been a long, tragic journey from slavery.
My grandfather and father thought military service was a path out of the underclass. After centuries of bondage and oppression, it was a false hope.       
22.08.2019 19:13

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