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Tensions flare between Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren at Democratic debate over big ideas vs. pragmatism
Democratic candidates excoriated Donald Trump over Turkey's invasion of Syria, with Joe Biden saying he did a "shameful" thing in betraying the Kurds.       
16.10.2019 04:12
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the House of Representatives would not hold a full vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.      
16.10.2019 01:08
'I'm feeling great': Bernie Sanders reassured voters of his health following heart attack
16.10.2019 03:39
Nationals sweep Cardinals in NLCS, reach first World Series in franchise history
The Nationals swept the Cardinals to reach the World Series for the first time in franchise history. The play the winner of the Yankees-Astros.       
16.10.2019 04:11
Twitter users, including Meghan McCain, critique Tom Steyer's tie during Democratic debate
Tom Steyer, whose wealth Forbes estimates at $1.6 billion, was wearing a plaid red tie — and it proved divisive.       
16.10.2019 03:14
Beto O'Rourke defends plan to confiscate assault-style weapons
16.10.2019 03:19
Impeachment inquiry: Vice President Mike Pence refuses to turn over requested documents
Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday refused to turn over documents requested by House Democrats as part of their impeachment inquiry.       
16.10.2019 00:49
Legionnaires’ outbreak linked to hot tub display kills third North Carolina fairgoer
Officials suspect but have not confirmed that a hot tub vendor display at the Mountain State Fair in North Carolina is the source of the outbreak.       
16.10.2019 03:28
Democratic presidential candidate Wayne Messam appears to raise $5 over the last quarter
Wayne Messam has spent no money over the last quarter and has struggled in fundraising over the campaign cycle, only raising a total of about $94,000 so far.       
16.10.2019 00:06
City council hopeful David Regan was knocking on doors when he wound up giving emergency first aid to a potential voter in Vancouver, Washington.      
16.10.2019 03:07
Rams land CB Jalen Ramsey from Jaguars in blockbuster trade
Jalen Ramsey finally got his wish, as the star cornerback was traded from the Jacksonville Jaguars to the Los Angeles Rams on Tuesday.       
16.10.2019 01:43
In June, "Vampire Diaries" star Nina Dobrev said she "despised" co-star Paul Wesley at first. In a hilarious Instagram video, he finally gets even.      
16.10.2019 02:45
I went back home to Ohio's Trump country. In Appalachia, honest people have hope again.
Columnist Jason Williams returned to his hometown of Gallipolis, Ohio, in the heart of Trump country. Here's why it was such a challenging assignment.       
15.10.2019 16:53
Former Disney star Bella Thorne wins Pornhub award for X-rated film 'Her & Him'
Bella Thorne's adult film tells the "Romeo and Juliet"-like story of star-crossed lovers, according to Pornhub vice president Corey Price.       
16.10.2019 00:52
Astros right fielder Josh Reddick was critical of the fans behavior at Yankees Stadium after Game 3 of the ALCS, calling it "disrespectful."      
16.10.2019 04:13
Scarlett Johansson says keeping her 'Black Widow' movie a secret was like 'having an affair'
Scarlett Johansson admits that not talking about her highly anticipated Marvel 'Black Widow' solo movie (in theaters May 1, 2020) took its toll.       
15.10.2019 22:12
Opinion: LeBron James undermines values he's espoused in most disgraceful moment of career
LeBron James' Monday news conference played right into the hands of Chinese government propaganda and undermined the values he has publicly espoused.       
15.10.2019 21:21
NFL executive admits penalty shouldn't have been called against Lions in Packers' win
After replays caught an apparent mistake by NFL officials in the Lions-Packers game, Troy Vincent admitted it was wrong to enforce a late penalty.       
15.10.2019 20:54
In his headline-making new book "Catch and Kill," Ronan Farrow shares insight about Anthony Bourdain, Harvey Weinstein, Megyn Kelly and Tom Brokaw.      
15.10.2019 18:20
The Pasco County Sheriff's Office in Florida told a man to stop calling 911 to report $20 worth of stolen weed.      
16.10.2019 04:12
Fortnite mystery dancer puzzles kids in their backyard
The Airman inside this tiger costume knew a Fortnite dance would get his kids' attention.       
15.10.2019 20:31
5 ways the Trump impeachment inquiry will loom large at Tuesday's Democratic debate
The biggest storyline of the Ohio debate revolves around how the candidates talk about the fast-moving impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.       
15.10.2019 15:52
The speech and promotion of it on the department's website were met with criticism that it violates the principle of separation of church and state.      
15.10.2019 01:30
There are less divisive ways to remove a president from office. Regardless, the GOP shouldn't dismiss this inquiry as a conspiracy to take down Trump.      
15.10.2019 15:53
The NBA may be 'woke' in America. But in China, NBA officials don't want to risk their bank accounts to support Uighurs or protesters in Hong Kong.      
15.10.2019 18:46
The news. It's happening. Every night. Stay on top of it with the Evening Briefing
Introducing the Evening Briefing, an after-hours roundup of the latest USA TODAY stories.       
17.09.2019 18:35
Where the fake Trump media massacre video came from, and other things to know about it
This wasn't the only violent video by its creators. Here's what we know about the fake video of Trump murdering journalists and political opponents.       
14.10.2019 22:45
Ronan Farrow says NBC’s alleged cover-up of sexual misconduct is ‘bigger’ than Matt Lauer
Ronan Farrow talks to USA TODAY about new book "Catch and Kill," which alleges that NBC knew of Matt Lauer's sexual misconduct allegations for years.       
14.10.2019 23:27
The comet is only the second interstellar comet ever detected in our solar system and the first that looks like a traditional comet.      
15.10.2019 15:55
Fort Worth community protests after black woman killed in her home by white officer
Fort Worth community members gathered Sunday, October 13 to protest after Atatiana Jefferson was killed in her home by a white police officer.       
15.10.2019 20:23

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