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Democratic memo: Here are 6 key points in Schiff's rebuttal
Democrats say the FBI did not rely on the controversial dossier written by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.       
24.02.2018 23:47
Democratic memo alleges FBI started spying on Carter Page prior to getting dossier
The Democratic rebuttal to a GOP memo that claimed surveillance abuses by the FBI was released Saturday.       
24.02.2018 23:31
Armed with an AR-15, military veteran keeps watch on Indiana high school
Mark Cowan said he plans to be parked outside the school until there's a security upgrade.       
24.02.2018 22:33
'Notting Hill' and 'The Vicar of Dibley' actress Emma Chambers dead at 53
Her agent, John Grant, said Saturday that Chambers died from natural causes. She leaves behind her husband and fellow actorIan Dunn.       
24.02.2018 21:18
Florida high school shooting: More deputies under investigation for response, report says
The internal investigation is at least the third in the Broward County Sheriff's Office in the aftermath of the high school shooting on Feb. 14.       
24.02.2018 20:29
Sean Miller will not coach, Deandre Ayton will play when Arizona faces Oregon
Arizona has decided Sean Miller will not coach against Oregon after an ESPN report said an FBI wiretap caught him arranging a payment for Deandre Ayton.       
24.02.2018 21:26
NRA hits back at United Airlines, Delta, other companies for cutting ties
Two major airlines have notified the National Rifle Association that they will no longer offer discounted rate programs for NRA members.       
24.02.2018 22:03
Trump officials fight eviction from Panama hotel they manage
Witnesses told the AP they saw Trump’s executives carrying files to a room for shredding.       
24.02.2018 20:01
5 new TV shows you should watch when the Olympics are over
From 'Good Girls' to 'The Looming Tower,' these shows can keep you company during the hole in your schedule the 2018 Olympics left.       
23.02.2018 17:09
Mexico police shut down second black market tequila still, investigate if tainted alcohol headed to resorts
More than 1,000 gallons were confiscated Monday and are being tested for methanol, a type of alcohol that is extremely toxic.       
23.02.2018 16:33
Top 10 signs you work in a toxic office
If you once had a boss who threatened to put a cigarette out your forehead, you're in a toxic workplace.       
23.02.2018 13:00
ESPN's Jay Bilas blasts Arizona's Sean Miller, says basketball scandal is 'career-ending'
After explosive report that Arizona's Sean Miller discussed payment for player, ESPN analyst Jay Bilas predicted scandal would end coach's career.       
24.02.2018 18:32
President Trump: 'I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks'
"I try like hell to hide that bald spot, folks," he told CPAC. "I work hard at it. Doesn't look bad! Hey, we're hanging in! We're hanging in."       
23.02.2018 19:02
Stolen Degas painting found on bus outside Paris
Degas' 1877 work "Les Choristes" had been missing for nearly a decade. It was stolen while on loan from the Musee d'Orsay.       
23.02.2018 21:43
Report: Jared Kushner's White House security clearance hits new snag
Report of DOJ alert comes amid deadline for denying passes in unresolved cases.       
24.02.2018 15:25
Judge dismisses coal company suit against HBO's John Oliver
A Circuit Court judge in Marshall County, West Virginia, ruled on Wednesday that Murray's company failed to state a claim.       
24.02.2018 20:08
What to watch on the final day of the Winter Olympics
There's still a bunch of action and medals on the line as the 2018 Winter Olympics come to a close in Pyeongchang.       
24.02.2018 18:45
7 days from fringe to mainstream: How a conspiracy theory ricocheted around the web
Within a week, top searches linked one of the Parkland, Fla. survivors with the theory he was a paid actor. How did it happen?       
24.02.2018 16:40
She lost over 100 pounds. Here's how this mom of three found time to focus on her health
The tips seem simple, but you probably aren't doing them.       
23.02.2018 20:43
Steven Whitley scored 14 points with eight rebounds and seven assists and Preston Bungei scored 18 points and Norfolk State beat Maryland-Eastern Shore 74-63       
24.02.2018 23:57
Warren Buffett shareholder letter says Berkshire posted $29 billion gain from tax cut law
The new tax law gave Berkshire Hathaway a $29 billion gain, but the company found prices for businesses too high last year.       
24.02.2018 23:02
U.S. Figure Skating faces some tough questions about what it wants to be in Winter Olympics
The USA most definitely wants to compete with Russia again in women’s figure skating – but it will never, ever become Russia.       
24.02.2018 12:16
'This Is Us': Toxic stress on TV is reality for many Americans
Intentionally or not, 'This Is Us' writers are connecting the dots on a health crisis hidden in plain sight for far too long.       
23.02.2018 18:25
Trump's awful plan to arm teachers is straight from the NRA playbook
Trump's embrace of 'scholastic carry' is a recycled NRA talking point from 2012. And it's still a really bad idea.       
23.02.2018 17:44
Lindsey Vonn's legacy can't be measured in records or medals at the Winter Olympics
The book closed on her Olympic career, Lindsey Vonn turns her attention to breaking Ingemar Stenmark's record for World Cup wins       
24.02.2018 14:20
Florida Gov. Rick Scott following school shooting: You must be 21 to buy a gun
The governor said he will work with lawmakers to move the age and ban the purchase or selling of bump stocks.       
23.02.2018 20:35
'Unprecedented': Bering Sea loses half its sea ice over two weeks
The Bering Sea has more open water than ever measured at this time of year.       
23.02.2018 23:25
How common is sexual misconduct in Hollywood?
A USA TODAY survey of 843 women in the entertainment industry found 94% say they've experienced harassment or assault.       
23.02.2018 15:09
23.02.2018 14:43

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