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The strong showing is vindication for Boris Johnson, who now has a chance to put his personal stamp on Britain, beginning with Brexit.
Elections 13.12.2019 08:37
Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a sweeping Conservative victory gave him “a powerful new mandate to get Brexit done,” while a dejected Labour Party searched for a way forward.
Politics and Government 13.12.2019 12:35
The decisive Conservative victory leaves no doubt that around the world, the postwar push for economic integration is over.
International Trade and World Market 13.12.2019 11:51
Britain’s currency has gained on the prospect that a Conservative victory will remove uncertainty about the break from the European Union.
Great Britain Withdrawal from EU (Brexit) 13.12.2019 09:55
The president met with his economic advisers on Thursday as the United States and China moved closer to finishing a trade pact.
International Trade and World Market 13.12.2019 09:29
The House Judiciary Committee abruptly postponed the expected party-line approval of two articles of impeachment, now set for Friday, which will send the charges to the full House for a vote.
Presidential Election of 2020 13.12.2019 08:41
As the House takes another step toward impeaching President Trump, concern is increasing that trying to remove a president will become a more common partisan tool.
Impeachment 13.12.2019 07:52
As the House moves toward what even he says is an inevitable vote to impeach him for high crimes and misdemeanors, President Trump toggles between self-pity and combativeness.
Trump, Donald J 13.12.2019 10:37
Liu Jingyao, a college student, describes what it’s like to be slut-shamed by 800 million people.
#MeToo Movement 13.12.2019 10:00
‘Trump anxiety disorder’ has morphed into anxiety about everything, and impeachment isn’t helping.
Presidential Election of 2020 13.12.2019 10:00
The Massachusetts senator describes her transformation from Republican law professor to progressive candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Presidential Election of 2020 13.12.2019 11:13
Here’s what you need to know.
13.12.2019 10:55
The fatal stabbing has revived a sense of danger about Morningside Park, which had been feeling safer.
New York City 13.12.2019 10:15
Also this week, the U.N. climate talks in Madrid
Global Warming 12.12.2019 16:23
Ash Carter and Sam Kashner discuss their new oral history of the director, and Alexandra Jacobs talks about her biography of Elaine Stritch.
Books and Literature 06.12.2019 23:39
Britain will be forever changed by Prime Minister Johnson.
Great Britain 13.12.2019 09:33
Seeing what Trump is doing to America, many find it hard to fight off despair.
Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates 13.12.2019 11:00
The president and his allies have turned investigations into a political tool for use against their enemies.
Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates 13.12.2019 11:00
Kudos to Uber for addressing harassment. Other companies should follow suit.
Uber Technologies Inc 13.12.2019 11:00
As the global population ages, robot companions are on the rise.
13.12.2019 11:00
Voters pick whichever candidate exhausts them less.
Elections 13.12.2019 03:37
I still can’t talk about what happened to me because of a nondisclosure agreement.
#MeToo Movement 13.12.2019 12:00
Republican climate denial is even scarier than Trumpism.
United States Politics and Government 13.12.2019 00:29
Even better.
Corruption (Institutional) 12.12.2019 23:27
And the debate over whether it will protect Jews and suppress criticism of Israel on campus.
debatable 12.12.2019 23:00
Congress should pass the revised North American Free Trade Agreement, despite its considerable shortcomings.
United States Economy 12.12.2019 23:52
Time to decide if you want to renovate for a new lifestyle, rent out the extra space, or upgrade so you can host the next generation.
Real Estate and Housing (Residential) 13.12.2019 10:00
He was over 70. I was 22. We both loved Fran Lebowitz. What was I doing on the back of his motorcycle?
Love (Emotion) 13.12.2019 05:00
Such an action would seek to block a technical integration of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram, people familiar with the matter said.
Social Media 12.12.2019 23:22
Meteor showers can light up night skies from dusk to dawn, and if you’re lucky you might be able to catch a glimpse.
Meteors and Meteorites 13.12.2019 11:06

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