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24.04.2018 21:18
The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee is examining multiple claims against President Trump’s nominee to head the Veterans Affairs Department.
United States Politics and Government 24.04.2018 21:04
In inquiries on Benghazi and Russia and beyond, the California congressman has displayed a deep mistrust of the expert consensus on reality — a disposition that has helped him make friends in the current White House.
Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates 24.04.2018 11:52
Alek Minassian, 25, a resident of Toronto’s Richmond Hill suburb, careened the white rental van onto a sidewalk, killing 10 people.
Toronto, Ontario, Attack (April, 2018) 24.04.2018 20:29
The driver’s arrest was captured on video by the police, who say they have not established a motive.
Toronto, Ontario, Attack (April, 2018) 24.04.2018 00:48
More than a dozen other people were injured in what was one of the worst mass killings in the modern history of Canada. The police said the driver was in custody.
Toronto (Ontario) 24.04.2018 04:12
As he welcomed President Emmanuel Macron of France, President Trump also expressed hope for a nuclear agreement with North Korea and called Kim Jong-un “very honorable.”
Macron, Emmanuel (1977- ) 24.04.2018 20:40
As Melania Trump oversees preparations to welcome President Emmanuel Macron of France, her advice to her staff before the high-profile event is not to worry.
United States Politics and Government 23.04.2018 23:44
The first lady’s choice of headgear made quite a statement on the second day of the French state visit.
Politics and Government 24.04.2018 18:33
In what has been described as its largest midterm mobilization ever, the Christian conservative movement is looking past the president’s behavior and toward November.
Midterm Elections (2018) 24.04.2018 20:47
A new study suggests that the white, Christian and male voters who supported Donald J. Trump were driven by concerns over losing their privilege.
Presidential Election of 2016 24.04.2018 13:45
The 2012 G.O.P. presidential nominee, running for an open Senate seat, faced conservatives who disliked his ideological swerving, and a fear among hard-right activists that they were losing power.
Romney, Mitt 24.04.2018 14:01
Officials took the Nashville shooting suspect’s guns after a run-in at the White House last year. But his father gave the guns back.
Reinking, Travis (1989- ) 24.04.2018 02:01
Gun owners who favor increased restrictions can be an overlooked group. Some have grown more vocal, marching and testifying in favor of limits.
Gun Control 24.04.2018 19:01
Branded “idiots,” residents of Grimsby, England, choose romance for a dying fishing industry over another that is thriving.
Grimsby (England) 24.04.2018 21:32
Polar bears haunt the landscape around the remote town of Churchill in northern Manitoba.
Polar Bears 24.04.2018 19:43
The White House physician fawned his way into Donald Trump’s heart. Senators are less impressed.
United States Politics and Government 24.04.2018 21:06
I’m a lesbian. My fiancée is a trans woman. We’re trying to have a baby the old-fashioned way. It’s complicated.
Infertility 24.04.2018 20:27
For the first time in my life, a member of Congress looks like my family.
Parenting 24.04.2018 21:06
Sometimes the best way to do justice is to compromise with those who would deny it.
Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates 24.04.2018 15:53
Your local government is probably hiding billion-dollar giveaways in the name of economic competitiveness.
Corporate Taxes 24.04.2018 10:30
Activist women are transforming the state’s politics.
Elections, House of Representatives 24.04.2018 01:03
Why Republicans ended up at war with America’s schoolteachers.
Teachers and School Employees 24.04.2018 16:06
The Waffle House shooting is a painful reminder of Tennessee’s failure to protect its own citizens from mass murderers with guns.
Gun Control 24.04.2018 01:18
“I understand that they could meet with us, patronize us and do nothing in the end,” their lawyer says.
Workplace Hazards and Violations 24.04.2018 20:48
A combination of disappointing corporate earnings and early signs that inflation could be accelerating pushed stock markets lower.
Standard & Poor's 500-Stock Index 24.04.2018 21:23
The agency issued warning letters to retailers not to sell to teenagers and demanded that the manufacturer JUUL submit marketing and research documents.
Advertising and Marketing 24.04.2018 18:00
Video of the arrest shows white officers grabbing the woman and tossing her onto the floor, causing her shirt to come down and exposing her breasts.
Race and Ethnicity 24.04.2018 18:34
Local residents attacked Afghan migrants on the Aegean island, after months of warnings from local officials that conditions in camps were untenable.
Refugees and Displaced Persons 24.04.2018 17:21
After more than 1,100 people were killed in the horrific building collapse, hundreds of factories in Bangladesh were shuttered. Five years later, the garment industry looks set to return to business as usual.
Rana Plaza Building Collapse, Bangladesh (2013) 24.04.2018 18:44

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