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Harvey Weinstein surrendered his passport and a $1 million cashier’s check after he was arraigned in Manhattan on rape and criminal sex act charges.
Weinstein, Harvey 26.05.2018 02:31
Women who had accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, assault and abuse swung between hope and disbelief, watching a day they thought would never come.
Women and Girls 26.05.2018 01:56
The challenges in prosecuting, and defending, a sex crimes case aimed at a once-powerful target with high-priced lawyers.
Sex Crimes 25.05.2018 21:04
The president aims to peel back labor protections and curb the power of government unions, which assailed the actions.
Organized Labor 26.05.2018 02:21
The meeting, which took place 11 days before the inauguration, preceded a $1 million contract Mr. Cohen received from a firm tied to the Russian oligarch.
Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates 25.05.2018 18:51
The move would allow stalled trade negotiations with China to move forward, but is also likely to provoke an intense backlash on Capitol Hill.
United States Politics and Government 26.05.2018 02:17
Results of two exit polls released Friday night showed voters had favored repeal by a wide margin.
Referendums 26.05.2018 00:08
A day after canceling his meeting with Kim Jong-un, President Trump said his administration was back in touch with North Korea and may go ahead with the June 12 get-together.
Kim Jong-un 26.05.2018 02:44
When President Trump canceled their meeting, Mr. Kim’s bid to ease sanctions and rebuild the North Korean economy was thrown into doubt.
North Korea 26.05.2018 06:49
Foreign journalists were given access to the facility in Punggye-ri, and witnessed the destruction of tunnel entrances and buildings. But was the site completely destroyed?
Nuclear Tests 26.05.2018 01:53
Prosecutors are increasingly treating overdose deaths as homicides, but they aren’t just going after dealers. Friends, family and fellow users are going to prison.
Drug Abuse and Traffic 25.05.2018 20:34
The decision followed a call from students, faculty and alumni for his resignation.
Colleges and Universities 26.05.2018 06:11
Given the torrent of revelations of abuse against women in the #MeToo era, the name suddenly seems grossly inappropriate.
Fashion and Apparel 26.05.2018 00:52
A party founded by a comedian is helping the Italian far right lead the government in a coalition.
Five Star Movement (Italy) 25.05.2018 02:04
Reflecting on the simple joy we get from diving into water.
Swimming 25.05.2018 01:27
It’s Betsy versus Scott for the Memorial Day crown.
Education (K-12) 26.05.2018 01:33
Tesla’s chief executive knows a sucker is born every minute.
Musk, Elon 26.05.2018 01:42
Unrestrained strongmen use the state to punish — or silence — their enemies.
Labor and Jobs 26.05.2018 02:30
Now I don’t usually leave reviews, both because I’ve never been on vacation before and because I’m a baby who can’t speak or type.
Travel and Vacations 25.05.2018 20:01
New York’s leaders should push harder to save the city’s vulnerable, beautiful coastline.
Surfing 25.05.2018 22:06
President Trump brought this noxious fantasist into the mainstream and is now using his techniques to attack the Russia investigation.
Russian Interference in 2016 US Elections and Ties to Trump Associates 25.05.2018 17:53
The F.D.A. banned the use of antibiotics for growth promotion in animals last year. One organic cattle farmer is sure the ban is being flouted.
Antibiotics 26.05.2018 05:39
Our political leanings distort our assessment of unrelated expertise.
Psychology and Psychologists 25.05.2018 23:25
Incompetence at the top doesn’t really matter, until it does.
Erdogan, Recep Tayyip 25.05.2018 00:00
Across the Muslim world, a new generation is poised to make an outsized impact on their countries’ prosperity.
Women and Girls 25.05.2018 17:28
His characters were from the same places in New Jersey that I knew so well. Why didn’t they seem familiar?
Jews and Judaism 25.05.2018 11:00
The fury of having to leave your home to get what you need.
Women and Girls 24.05.2018 20:00
The digital assistant confused a discussion about hardwood floors with several commands, in what Amazon called an “unlikely” string of events.
Amazon.com Inc 25.05.2018 22:48
With Saudi Arabia and Russia signaling they will increase output, crude prices have declined, and gasoline could follow suit with summer ahead.
Oil (Petroleum) and Gasoline 26.05.2018 01:10
Mr. Indiana’s will left his assets to a foundation to be run by his caretaker, who has been accused in a lawsuit of isolating him from the outside world.
Art 25.05.2018 22:31

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