In a 5-4 decision, the court ruled Tuesday that families of noncitizens shot by federal agents on foreign territory have no constitutional right to sue for damages in U.S. courts.
25.02.2020 23:21
Roger Stone, a self-styled "dirty trickster" and longtime adviser to President Trump, is expected to appeal. The president, meanwhile, has left open the door to a possible pardon for Stone.
25.02.2020 23:04
The Federal Aviation Administration issued an airworthiness directive for the jetliner that stems from a faulty component that could make the aircraft vulnerable to lightening strikes.
25.02.2020 22:53
The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 879 points. That's on top of Monday's drop, when the Dow tumbled more than 1,000 points.
25.02.2020 22:12
The driver was distracted by his phone as his car steered itself toward a barrier, and Tesla should have done more to prevent this "foreseeable misuse of technology," federal investigators said.
25.02.2020 20:31
As fighting escalates in northwest Syria, the U.N. estimates that thousands of Syrians are being displaced every day.
25.02.2020 20:12
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is urging Americans to prepare for the possibility of more aggressive measures to stop the new coronavirus in the United States.
25.02.2020 19:24
How can one company be so wildly successful — and so thoroughly distrusted? Tech writer Steven Levy reflects on Facebook's enigmatic leader and its drive for expansion in his new book.
25.02.2020 19:12
The Oregon star spoke with deep respect for Gianna's game. "She had a fadeaway better than mine," she said. "If I represented the present of the women's game, Gigi was the future, and Kobe knew it."
25.02.2020 18:16
As wireless companies continue to roll out 5G — the next generation of wireless technology — advocates worry this latest high-speed update will widen the digital divide.
25.02.2020 17:00
Residents say their relatives have been unable to get care for cancer, for childhood diseases and more as Wuhan and other cities put a priority on treating COVID-19 patients.
25.02.2020 16:01
After deadly 2009 wildfires, authorities offered to buy property to encourage people to move. Few accepted. The questions raised by Australia's experience are freshly urgent after its latest fires.
25.02.2020 15:44
The president's remarks are an apparent reference to a dissent by Justice Sotomayor, who wrote that the government had claimed "one emergency after another" to seek an "unprecedented number" of stays.
25.02.2020 12:36
Gui Minhai was kidnapped by Chinese agents while on vacation in Thailand in 2015. His conviction in a secret trial was announced in a brief statement by the court.
25.02.2020 11:43
For many Egyptians, Mubarak became the symbol of all that was wrong with their country. His nearly 30-year rule is recalled as a time of repression and economic stagnation for all but an elite few.
25.02.2020 11:26



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    NPR (formerly National Public Radio) is a public, loosely organized collaboration of radio stations in the US.
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