• Giuliani's lawyer sends Congress a letter rejecting subpoena. Read the letter • Analysis: Explosive testimony paints picture of rogue operation • Begala: Trump Jr.'s tweet indescribably stupid • Opinion: Bolton is Trump's newest nightmare • Mounting frustration inside White House over Hill depositions
16.10.2019 04:20
Some of the White House's most senior foreign policy officials were trying to raise the alarm about the administration's potentially illegal activity in Ukraine well before President Donald Trump's now notorious call with his counterpart in Kiev, according to stunning new testimony in the impeachment inquiry.
15.10.2019 21:02
A grand jury has subpoenaed former Republican Rep. Pete Sessions on matters connected to President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, two Giuliani associates' dealings with Ukraine and efforts to remove the US ambassador to Ukraine, a source familiar with the matter told CNN.
16.10.2019 04:06
CNN's Jake Tapper speaks to a panel about Hunter Biden's past dealings with a Ukrainian gas company.
15.10.2019 22:51
The testimony of Fiona Hill and other developments in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump are summoning a reckoning for a man accustomed to battling individuals and sometimes reality itself.
15.10.2019 21:37
State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent told lawmakers on Tuesday that he had been told by a supervisor to lie low after he raised complaints about Rudy Giuliani's efforts in Ukraine undermining US foreign policy, according to Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly, a senior member of the House Oversight Committee.
16.10.2019 02:23
President Donald Trump on Tuesday dismissed the escalating impeachment inquiry on Capitol Hill during a jovial Rose Garden appearance, but sources say there is mounting frustration over the cavalcade of administration witnesses providing testimony.
15.10.2019 23:34
Former Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, speaks out on the Ukraine controversy for the first time.
15.10.2019 12:29
16.10.2019 04:02
Welcome to CNN's fact check of the fourth Democratic presidential primary debate. We will be posting our checks of candidates' claims as we complete them through the night.
16.10.2019 03:50
As the candidates take the stage for the CNN/New York Times Democratic debate, we're tracking speaking times by candidate. The graphic below will update throughout the debate.
15.10.2019 23:48
The Democratic candidates head to the debate stage on Tuesday in the crucial swing state of Ohio amid a deluge of explosive developments in the House impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump's interactions with Ukraine.
16.10.2019 03:23
The 2020 presidential candidates comment on the impeachment inquiry at the CNN/New York Times debate in Westerville, Ohio.
16.10.2019 03:59
Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday met swift criticism from her 2020 Democratic rivals after she would not explicitly state that, under the "Medicare for All" plan she supports, many middle class families will see a tax hike.
16.10.2019 02:23
Former Vice President Joe Biden offered a forceful defense of his son during Tuesday's Democratic presidential debate, saying voters should focus on President Donald Trump's "corruption" instead of Hunter Biden's previous work in Ukraine.
16.10.2019 03:33
During the Democratic presidential debate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and billionaire businessman Tom Steyer discuss their plans for closing the wealth gap.
16.10.2019 02:33
It's the most crowded debate stage in the history of US presidential primaries.
16.10.2019 03:27
A British family has filed a complaint with the the Department of Homeland Security over their detention by US immigration officials after crossing the US border while vacationing in British Columbia, Canada earlier this month, the family's lawyers said on Tuesday.
16.10.2019 02:07
Journalist Ronan Farrow discusses the reporting in his new book "Catch and Kill," which details dubious collaborations between some media companies, such as AMI, and powerful men.
15.10.2019 17:46
An Alaska man was indicted on murder, sexual assault and evidence tampering charges on Monday after police were given a memory card that contained videos and photographs of him allegedly killing a woman.
16.10.2019 03:46
Two people in police custody in the disappearance of Kamille "Cupcake" McKinney in Birmingham, Alabama, have been charged in unrelated cases, the city's police chief said.
16.10.2019 02:26
Hackers have struck again with yet another ransomware attack.
16.10.2019 01:14
A third person has died from an outbreak of Legionnaires' disease in North Carolina, state health officials said.
16.10.2019 02:50
A four-day-old baby girl has been rescued after she was found buried alive in a cemetery in northern India.
15.10.2019 17:32
Four Massachusetts kids were treated for minor injuries after a hit-and-run driver slammed into them while they were standing in a driveway.
15.10.2019 16:16



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