A customer is being hailed as a hero after he charged a gunman who had opened fire early Sunday at a Waffle House in the Nashville area, killing four and injuring others.
22.04.2018 19:50
Officials give updates on a shooting that left four dead at a Waffle House in Nashville.
22.04.2018 19:33
Three people were killed and four were wounded in a shooting at a Waffle House in the Nashville area, Metro Nashville Police tweeted. Police say the gunman, who was nude, opened fire at about 3:25 a.m. (4:25 a.m. ET). A patron wrestled away the gunman's rifle, police said.
22.04.2018 19:57
Police are looking for 29-year-old Travis Reinking in connection to the Waffle House shooting in Tennessee that left multiple people dead and several injured.
22.04.2018 19:25
CNN's Dana Bash and counselor to President Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway discuss President Donald Trump's tweets, and spar over Conway's husband's tweets that criticized the President.
22.04.2018 16:50
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Sunday that it was inappropriate and a "double standard" to be asked about her husband's tweets, which have been critical of her boss, President Donald Trump.
22.04.2018 18:18
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Sunday that President Donald Trump believes his personal lawyer Michael Cohen is being treated "unfairly" by federal authorities, making the remarks in an attempt to defend Trump's latest tweets on the matter.
22.04.2018 17:05
It is three days before the most important dinner party she has ever hosted, but Melania Trump is not at the White House, triple-checking details. Instead, she's in Houston, Texas, to pay her respects to one of her predecessors, Barbara Bush.
22.04.2018 12:13
In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Trump biographer Michael D'Antonio claims President Trump has been lying since he was a child, saying "he was named the ladies man at a school that had no women at it ... he has been doing this forever."
21.04.2018 14:31
Mitt Romney did not win the Utah Republican Party's nomination on Saturday, meaning he must compete in a June primary election as he seeks to replace retiring US Sen. Orrin Hatch.
22.04.2018 03:59
Mitt Romney had a tough day in Utah. The former Massachusetts Governor and Republican presidential nominee lost in the nominating caucuses to state representative Mike Kennedy at the Utah GOP Convention.
22.04.2018 15:16
CNN's Brian Stelter says President Donald Trump is wrong for attacking New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman in tweets defending Michael Cohen.
22.04.2018 16:52
Anthony Mele was dining at a steakhouse in Southern California with his daughter on his lap when a homeless man walked up to him Wednesday and stabbed him in the neck.
22.04.2018 12:31
Authorities are ruling out "criminal suspicion" in the death of superstar DJ Avicii, who died last week while vacationing in Oman.
22.04.2018 11:13
The recent Republican tax cuts and the bipartisan agreement to raise federal spending have done a number on already high budget deficits. CNN's Victor Blackwell explains how the outlook could be even worse than previously thought.
22.04.2018 13:03
A suicide blast killed 48 people -- including five children -- and wounded over 100 more on Sunday at a voter registration center in Kabul, according to Afghan officials.
22.04.2018 14:49
Verne Troyer, who played Mini-Me in two of the Austin Powers comedy films, has died at the age of 49, according to statements posted to his social media accounts.
22.04.2018 17:19
Actress Allison Mack, best known for her role as Clark Kent's clever confidant Chloe on CW's "Smallville," was indicted on Friday on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy, according to a statement released by the Justice Department.
22.04.2018 17:17
Former CNN anchor Reid Collins passed away in his sleep in Virginia at 88 years old.
22.04.2018 00:10
An amateur video shows a member of the "morality police" physically confronting a woman in Iran. The video went viral, triggering a response from the Iranian government.
20.04.2018 20:46
Ring the alarm!
22.04.2018 17:14
Late-night host Stephen Colbert agreed to get bit by a lizard after an iguana had an accident all over his desk on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."
21.04.2018 08:04



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