The attacker died of a gunshot wound after he shot and wounded two students, police say.
20.03.2018 16:51
Bystanders found her body in a lake near the resort town of Whistler, British Columbia.
20.03.2018 15:41
Police are trying to identify the Good Samaritans who saved a Pennsylvania man trapped in a burning car.
20.03.2018 17:29
Police are looking for a possible link to recent deadly blasts in the city of Austin.
20.03.2018 15:20
The boy's father accuses the organisation of discrimination against those with mental disabilities.
20.03.2018 12:47
It comes just months after sexual assault allegations against company co-founder Harvey Weinstein.
20.03.2018 04:44
A pedestrian was killed after being hit by a self-driving Uber car in Arizona.
20.03.2018 12:35
The president's call to execute traffickers faces stiff political and judicial headwinds.
19.03.2018 21:56
An arrest report says Zachary Cruz bypassed locked doors to skateboard through school grounds.
20.03.2018 00:40
Cynthia Nixon played Miranda Hobbs on the hit television show Sex and the City.
19.03.2018 21:01
The bill bans most abortions after 15 weeks, with no exceptions for rape or incest.
19.03.2018 23:53
He says the launch of the Petro crypto-currency is Venezuela's attempt to circumvent US sanctions.
20.03.2018 01:32
Seeding rules are a "kind of punishment" for players after maternity leave and "should be changed", says the Miami Open tournament director.
20.03.2018 07:01
Politicians call on the social network to testify over its protection of user data.
19.03.2018 20:56
Police say the latest explosion, following deadly parcel bombings, may have been tripwire-activated.
19.03.2018 15:53
The university held a moment of silence for victims killed in last week's tragedy.
19.03.2018 22:05
Television satirist John Oliver spoofs Vice-President Mike Pence's children's book - by turning the main character gay.
19.03.2018 13:53
Trayon White Sr says he "did not intend" to spread a conspiracy theory based in anti-Semitic thought.
19.03.2018 16:33
#DeleteFacebook trends after Cambridge Analytica is accused of using personal data of 50 million Facebook users.
20.03.2018 13:40
A conservative group formed only six years ago has 1,200 branches and a $10m budget. So who are they?
19.03.2018 20:41
A pioneering court in Buffalo, New York, is trying to keep drug addicts alive. It's presided by a judge who knows well the perils of abuse.
19.03.2018 17:08
Turning a personal story - and anger against the president - into a bid for office is a different kind of challenge.
19.03.2018 14:27
The survivors of a high school shooting in Florida refused to be ignored just because they were teenagers.
19.03.2018 01:40
Millie Dunn Veasey, who has died aged 100, was in World War Two's only all-female, all-black unit.
18.03.2018 00:19
After Tillerson's quick exit - who will be part of high-stakes talks with North Korea?
16.03.2018 22:06
A plan to open the nation's first safe consumption sites for drug use has split Seattle residents - here's what both sides have to say.
15.03.2018 22:06
The search giant says it will help news organisations to fight fake news and grow their businesses.
20.03.2018 16:59
Investors are reacting to calls for tighter regulation of tech firms from politicians in the US, UK and Europe.
20.03.2018 16:52
The potential tariffs could affect a list of as many as 100 products including shoes and footwear.
20.03.2018 08:37
The US president claims other countries with a zero tolerance approach 'have no drug problem'.
19.03.2018 19:25
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