The school shooting in Florida has led to fresh calls for tougher gun controls in the US.
24.02.2018 18:09
The memo counters Republican allegations of bias against the campaign of Donald Trump.
25.02.2018 09:24
USA win gold in the men's curling after beating Sweden, while Canada miss out on a Winter Olympic medal in the event for the first time.
24.02.2018 09:42
Billionaire Warren Buffett says his conglomerate has been "delivered" billions by the US tax cuts.
24.02.2018 18:12
A 35-year-old woman is taken into custody after the crash, the Secret Service says.
24.02.2018 00:05
Mr Trump says an officer who failed to intervene in a deadly shooting "didn't have the courage".
23.02.2018 23:31
Israel hails the move but a Palestinian official says it is a "blatant provocation".
23.02.2018 21:25
The document is riddled with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes but could sell for $50,000.
23.02.2018 20:18
Eugenie Bouchard was forced to drop out of the tournament after slipping on a cleaning product.
23.02.2018 17:30
Police have identified the remains of two more men on a property linked to suspect Bruce McArthur.
23.02.2018 18:13
The Republican, who admitted last month to an affair with his hairdresser, is taken into custody.
23.02.2018 17:40
Shares in Snapchat's owner sink after the reality TV star tweets her criticism of the messaging app.
23.02.2018 11:03
Police say this footage of a fatal shooting by a California officer shows the victim had a gun.
23.02.2018 01:11
Experts say the US is living through an "unprecedented era of resistance". So what comes next?
25.02.2018 00:43
Trump talks to reporters with the visual trappings of power close by, emulating Ronald Reagan.
23.02.2018 20:47
As Florida students lead calls for stricter gun laws, how do activists on the right see the movement?
23.02.2018 20:29
A number of disappointments on the ice have left some Canadians with a bitter taste in their mouth.
23.02.2018 19:55
The use of therapy dogs for stressed travellers has taken off in airports across North America.
23.02.2018 19:39
The real Black Panthers - an artist is trying to give those still imprisoned a "presence on the outside".
23.02.2018 16:43
The car giant says US chief Raj Nair's actions were "inconsistent with the company's code of conduct".
21.02.2018 22:56
Minutes from the Federal Reserve's January meeting will fuel debate over whether US interest rates should rise.
21.02.2018 20:36
The SEC financial regulator wants "timely" disclosure of attacks, after several breaches emerged long after they happened.
21.02.2018 22:34
Karl Donnelson from Colorado is armed and says he's ready to fire if an incident occurs in his school.
23.02.2018 14:22
The hair joke was one of several off-script moments as the president relished addressing supporters.
23.02.2018 19:55
President Trump says he wants some US teachers to be trained to tackle gunmen. What do British people think?
23.02.2018 20:52
The US President said Deputy Scot Peterson who failed to intervene in a mass shooting did "a poor job".
23.02.2018 15:03
The Canadian prime minister took to the stage in Delhi, but not everybody is a fan of his dancing or outfits.
23.02.2018 17:05
The guard protecting the Florida school hit by a deadly shooting did not go in, a sheriff confirms.
23.02.2018 06:51
European socialists, the mainstream media and the FBI are on Wayne LaPierre's list. Guns are not.
22.02.2018 20:50
Sam Zeif, who survived the Florida school shooting, has called for new laws to stop such a tragedy happening again.
21.02.2018 23:19
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