Alek Minassian appears in court emotionless as he is charged with 10 counts of murder.
24.04.2018 18:30
Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson is facing allegations that he he oversaw a hostile work environment.
24.04.2018 20:21
The calm actions of a police officer who did not open fire have prompted praise and astonishment.
24.04.2018 14:00
Republican Senator Bob Corker was so moved by the actions of a Democratic senator, he was moved to tears.
24.04.2018 18:25
Tehran warns that it will probably abandon the nuclear accord if the US pulls out.
24.04.2018 20:33
The NRA's political fund raised $2.4m in March - the most it has raised in a single month since 2003.
24.04.2018 21:42
The judge who sentenced the prisoner when he was 18 has since told the BBC she regrets it.
24.04.2018 17:20
The 93-year-old former president fell ill the day after his wife Barbara's funeral in Houston, Texas.
24.04.2018 08:07
Sebastian Woodroffe was killed in the Peruvian Amazon after locals blamed him for a murder.
24.04.2018 11:02
The Canadian government has invested $2.7m in a project developed by the University of Waterloo.
24.04.2018 18:23
Actress Zendaya says colourism in Hollywood needs to end.
24.04.2018 12:23
The wounded veteran who received the organ transplant says he feels "finally more normal".
23.04.2018 20:38
French President Emmanuel Macron has started a three-day state visit to the United States.
24.04.2018 07:21
Naked gunman suspected of killing four people at a Waffle House in Tennessee is in custody after a manhunt
23.04.2018 23:41
The singer's ex-friend can sell some of her things, including a breakup letter from rapper Tupac.
23.04.2018 23:45
Officers ripped her dress, exposing her breast, during the arrest at an Alabama restaurant.
23.04.2018 20:21
Police in Peru's Amazon find the body of a Canadian who was lynched after being suspected of murder.
23.04.2018 17:15
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Lyric Theatre is an epilogue of Harry Potter's life.
23.04.2018 13:55
She says she was saving the fruit for her onward flight, but was caught by a random US customs search.
23.04.2018 16:31
Reports say the suspect in the Toronto van attack called for "Incel Rebellion" on Facebook.
24.04.2018 18:30
Anne Marie D'Amico, 25, worked near to the scene of the attack for investment firm Invesco.
24.04.2018 19:42
Alek Minassian praised murderer Elliot Rodger on Facebook and was reportedly anti-social.
24.04.2018 20:51
Travis Reinking had previously been banned from owning firearms and had left a trail of red flags.
23.04.2018 18:00
Massive teacher protests have shut down schools across the US - and prompted some to run for office.
23.04.2018 21:45
A 20-year-old outdoorsman bitten by a shark had previously survived a bear attack and snake bite.
22.04.2018 20:38
The man building a four-storey castle out of recycled plastic bottles.
23.04.2018 00:52
The unlikely personal rapport between Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump raises France's global profile.
23.04.2018 00:31
The men who were apart of the 1943 "Dam Busters" air-raid on Germany are featured in a portrait exhibit.
20.04.2018 15:39
The US indie singer has been provoking big emotions as she tours her new album, Historian.
21.04.2018 01:02
The outcry sparked by Trump's bombing of Syria would be ignored at his peril, says Adam Gingrich.
20.04.2018 00:22
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